Just kidding. It’s not. It’s actually really, really hard, especially when you’re first getting started.

It’s hard to word your thoughts in a concise and compelling way. It’s hard to come up with unique ideas to write about, especially if you’ve decided to blog daily or even weekly. It’s hard to keep up a consistent schedule across months.

But after a year of consistent blogging, it eventually becomes easy. Of course pushing into new areas or pushing deeper into existing areas is hard because there’s always a continued process of growth, but doing the things that were once so hard becomes easy. I’m talking about general things like writing clearly and doing it consistently. This is the same with any skill. If you practice consistently for a year, you’ll get into a rhythm and each rep won’t be such a big deal anymore.

I remember when I tried to commit to blogging weekly for the first time. It was insanely hard! I would spend 4 hours one day of the week crafting a blog post, and if I ended up using it I would spend the next 6 days building up the courage to put my fingers to the keyboard again. Each post seemed like a monumental task.

Now, I can whip one out in 5 minutes without having any idea what I want to write about for the first 4. It ain’t no thang.

The moral of the story is this: everything is hard at the beginning. It won’t become easy until you do it for weeks, months, or most likely, years. There isn’t a moment when it clicks and becomes easy. It’s a grueling, gradual process. Keep going.

And when the thing you’re doing becomes easy, the space around it becomes bigger, vaster, and more unknown. There are more ways to specialize. More things to practice for the next year. More hard things identify themselves and call you to spend time to make them easy. It’s hard to pick which ones to work at. The things you make easy grow linearly as the things that are hard grow exponentially.

But each minute you spend pondering which thing to try is one you could have spent practicing one of them.

It’s a huge, exciting, unknown, hard as f*ck world out there. Go explore it.