When you sell something consistently, you develop an eye for it. Since I’m consistently trying to make and explain videos, I can’t help but pick out specifics when I watch videos. I pay attention to lighting, camera angles, cuts, directing, storyline, and everything else now that I’ve seen what goes into making one.

Paying attention to those specifics opens up a whole new world. There is an entire network of industries that I didn’t see firsthand until now. There are thousands of companies going through the same process of making and selling videos at different scales and in different niches. There are small business marketing video companies, Hollywood blockbuster production companies, and everything in between. As the project gets larger, so do the numbers.

All of those companies require companies in different industries to help them produce the videos. They collaborate with musicians to get music for their videos, and project management companies handle the logistics for big productions.

i wonder what other tacit knowledge I’ll soak in as more time goes on.