Everything starts as an idea. The process of turning that idea into reality is difficult, messy, and inefficient. You can’t even be sure it will work before you try it.

Today, I spoke with a lead for a business who needs their social media completely managed. So far, our business mostly creates video content optimized and packaged for social promotion. Managing social media hands on is a new experiment for us.

I read in The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing that it’s usually not a good idea to focus on too many different products or channels at once. Of course this advice is situational, because many companies have very diverse selections of products and channels.

Since I’m building our own brand and social media during the upcoming month, I might as well bring on a client who will pay us to practice that craft. I don’t know a ton about social media yet, but I’m confident I can figure it out or find someone who does. If the job is booked, my back will be against a wall and I’ll have to figure something out either way.

Once I do, this offering could catch on and generate a lot of new leads and revenue. It could turn into a valuable asset. It could also become a huge distraction from our regular video content offering that wastes time and money.

When I do something, I do it all in. I will know quickly if it becomes a distraction. My goal is to bring on more social media clients than I can personally handle, then hire and train someone to manage them. I see myself either ramping it up or cutting it out within 3 months.