Life is growth. All the way down to a cellular level, constant change and growth is the driving force behind life. This applies to your career, relationships, physical health, and everything in between.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Brian Cristiano

Whether you like it or not, if you aren’t pushing yourself to grow, you’re regressing. Even when you’re stagnant, you’re moving backwards relative to the rest of the world which is always moving forward.

Growth comes from attempting hard things that make you feel uncomfortable. In the same way that your muscles get sore when you’re pushing them to become stronger, your mind becomes uncomfortable when you’re pushing it to improve.

Hard things are worth more than easy things. They take more energy, effort, time, and discipline. They also feel much more satisfying when they’re finished, whether they turned out how you hoped or not. They give you a sense of pride and they make you like yourself more.

The harder the thing you decide to do, the more uncomfortable you’ll feel, the more you’ll grow, and the closer to your potential you’ll land.

Doing something easy is harder than doing the hardest thing possible.

We all have an unknown potential inside of us waiting to be realized. It would be harder to live with myself knowing I left that potential untapped than it would be knowing I gave my ambitions everything I’ve got.

You can either do something easy and let your brilliant potential sit still (fade away) inside of you, or you can do something hard and be truly proud of yourself for giving the thing that makes you YOU a fighting chance to survive.

It takes work. Doing hard things is hard. But it’s easier than facing yourself years from now knowing you went backwards.