There are two things at play when hiring an employee.

  1. The job that needs to be done
  2. The job the employee would do best

When a small company hires an employee, the dynamic of the company changes. That new employee brings a new energy and skill set to the table that wasn’t there before. He might change the way internal systems run, he might change the service customers receive, or he might change something else entirely.

A company hires someone because a specific job needs to be done but that specific job rarely lines up with what even the most ideal candidate brings to the table. The employee will merge with the job description to create something more useful. People do their best work not when they mold themselves into an existing job description but when they blend the existing needs of the business with their unique abilities.

The company changes with each new hire. If the company embraces that change and builds the role around the new employee, everybody wins.