This episode is part 1 of a new series called True Talk Tuesdays with Ben Cummings. This series will be a weekly 10-20 minute podcast with where we dive deep into one topic or idea. Likely this will be an idea or lesson we have been wrestling with over the past week.

I am very growth oriented, so this will help me move solidify some of the lessons I’m learning each week, while letting you in on the raw details of my struggle and journey.

Entrepreneurship is all Ben knows. Since age 10 he has been closing deals and delivering value, starting with landscaping and currently in video production.

Ben and I went on an RV tour across the country to convince kids to drop out of college. In this episode we briefly touch on this experience before we dive into practical examples on how to build lasting habits.

We want to keep True Talk Tuesdays raw, so be prepared for some laughing, some unscripted goofiness, but most of all, valuable insights.