Diana is a Praxis Participant. She recently graduated from the program and now has a full-time job as a Sales Manager at MailLift. Most of her peers are picking out bed spreads for their dorm rooms right now.

Within months after being hired, Diana started creating real value for her company. She took initiative by building an onboarding process to help train new employees in an efficient and systematic way.

She is now an expert on self-directed learning. We talk about project-based learning, homeschooling, immersion, failures, effectively setting goals with deliverables, and much more about learning and education.

She also talks about how school stifled her creativity as a young kid, how she would approach starting her career from scratch knowing what she knows now.

Diana is truly breaking the mold and creating a unique path for herself. 10 years ago, a story like hers was considered risky. Now, a path like this clearly makes more sense than spending 4 years and $60,000 on a college degree.

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