If you step outside of your own point of view and imagine everything that actually goes on in the universe around you, it makes sense that there is an objective reality that exists. Things happen the way that they happen. A is A.

The problem is that we, as humans, are limited. We have strong powers of reason and perception that help us shape our individual view of the world around us, but the amount we can experience and deduce pales in comparison to the amount that is actually out there.

This is good news. When you accept that your worldview is limited and that there is an objective reality, you find the opportunity to team up with people around you. Everyone has their own flashlight that reveals a part of the universe to them. When we empathize and collaborate with other people, we gain access to their flashlight. As a result, our worldview is expanded because we can see more that we couldn’t see before.

The more you experience time and the more you deploy empathy, the more accurately you will understand the objective reality around you. It will become easier to be honest with yourself and others. You will face hard truths and level up more quickly.

You’ll understand yourself more.