Blogging every day is like forcing yourself to identify and articulate one thing you learned each day.

Today I learned that no matter how clear your value is to you, you still have to go to great length to convince other people of your value. This is why sales is so important. It’s not enough to be the best in the world at something and it’s certainly not enough to be pretty good at something. You have to show people exactly how your talent will benefit them specifically.

I have ideas about videos I want to do for companies I know, but they won’t even let me do it for free until I sell them on the idea. For me to do work for free, it costs them time and it’s risky if they don’t know how their brand will be presented in a video.

The sales process, if done right, eliminates all of those concerns. It has the power to change someone from not wanting a free video to wanting to pay you to do a video.