I started asking myself a question recently that has helped me understand and define my strengths and weaknesses. Here it is:

What do I do to recharge?

I stress and over-analyze things fairly often. When this happens, I’m less likely to undertake something difficult. I know that getting a little win under my belt does wonders to boost my confidence and energy in times like this. It’s like recharging myself to go on and tackle the next task.

I noticed that recently when I feel stressed, I revert to doing things that come somewhat easily to me. Things that I know I can win at without trying too hard.

Sitting down and cranking out a video is a lengthy, cognitively-demanding task. When I’m already stressed or feeling less confident than usual, I avoid committing to something like this. I know that I’ll likely give up halfway through because I don’t have the energy it takes to work deeply and end up with something I’m proud of. That’ll only leave me more dissatisfied with myself.

Instead, I usually opt to make a few phone calls. There are always new or old leads or customers I can follow up with, and it never hurts to check in and see where they’re at. Talking with people, asking questions, and listening all come very naturally to me. Even when I am at a low point in my day, I know I can pick up the phone and make some sort of progress, even if it’s something small like clarity on what I should do next.

It’s hard to define your own strengths objectively. Take note of what you do when you’re stressed that comes easily to you. It can be a great litmus test to point you towards what you’re naturally good at and reveal what naturally takes you more effort.

(Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash)