My life has been thrown in all sorts of directions over the past few months. Instead of sitting and letting things happen to me, I have this philosophy that I live by called radical decisiveness. Essentially it says that it’s better to make a decision and be wrong than it is to not make a decision at all.

My first book, Undecided, was a huge influence in this life philosophy. It was written during the time I discovered that most of my life I hadn’t really made decisions at all. I went to high school because my family put me there. I went to college because everyone else did. I majored in engineering because teachers told me I’d be good at it. The first “radical” decision I ever made was to drop out of school. It was the first big decision I really made that defined who I was.

Rather than go about my life drifting along, waiting for the right decision to present itself to me through the words and opinions of other people, I finally acted decisively. I chose.

My own personal integrity started to grow with each “radical” decision I made thereafter. I learned that I can create happiness and success in my life by implementing radical decisiveness. It’s really not that radical though. It’s simply choosing to choose.