Does your environment naturally incentivize you to take actions that bring you towards your goals?

If you answered no to this question, you need to change your environment.

I’m a productive person most of the time. More often than not I opt to work instead of indulge in time-wasting activities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t slip up. Your tendencies are yours, but like it or not they are tugged and pulled by your environment.  The best thing you can do is set up your environment to eliminate friction between you and the decisions you want to make. You’ll thank yourself when you’re tired and hungry.

Environment consists of 3 main components:


What does your physical setting look like? If you work on a computer, do you have enough space? If you work on the phone, do you have a reliable quiet place without any distractions? Does the space around you make it easy to attack hunger, thirst, sleepiness, or any other basic needs that can become distractions if not taken care of quickly?


Who do you spend your time around? Do they challenge your bull shit or do they wallow with you? When you raise your goals, do they encourage you or do they look at you weird?


What habits and routines have you committed to? Do you have a workout routine with a gym and a buddy to keep you accountable? Do you have a mastermind group that meets regularly to check up on your goals? Do you work out of a co-working space with hustlers? Do you work in an office with your company? Do you work from home?

Set your environment right. You can’t always trust yourself to make the best decisions in every situation. Make it as easy as possible to make decisions that serve you.