I work with a lot of business owners. Most of them are trying to hire good people.

I also work with a lot of young people who are approaching these startups, trying to get hired.

I’ve noticed the thing that impresses these business owners the most is a side project. Blogs, websites, podcasts, side-projects, are all more valuable than any amount of experience or good-looking resume.

I’ve also noticed that young people struggle finding ideas worth doing. Last week I wrote an article about this idea which included a bunch of examples. I decided to take it a step further. That’s where my project comes in.

It’s called Project Every Week. The concept is straightforward:

Every week, I send you a highly actionable project idea.

These projects are designed to impress employers, teach you new skills, and serve as a body of work to demonstrate your talents and interests. The projects might be short, ongoing, complex, simple, easy, or difficult. You can follow them exactly, create variations, or do something different altogether. It’s up to you.

This is less about the project ideas themselves and more about the idea of doing projects. Project Every Week is meant to give you some inspiration to create something of your own. Plus, it’ll force me to be more creative by coming up with awesome ideas every week.

You can get on the list by entering your information below:

You can also check out the list of projects here. I’ve uploaded 3 early, and they’ll start coming weekly on Friday.

See you inside.