When you’re having trouble creating, try consuming.

Consume blog posts, articles, podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. Read, listen and watch. Observe the world around you.

Once you’ve started consuming, you will hit a point. At this point, the new information in your brain will come together to form an original idea. This idea will have components of your recent consumptions, but it won’t be the same. It’ll be new. It’ll be worth sharing.

Then, create. Write a blog post, write an article, have a conversation, write a book, or make a video. Write, speak, and build. Use the idea to create something through action.

We must consume. It is the fuel of creation.

We consume creations, then we apply our own perspective and create again. This is how we grow.

We must choose to create.

Creating is what gives consuming its value. Without creating, consuming is like learning a language but never speaking it with someone.

It is learning without applying. It is gaining knowledge in vain.

Start by creating. If you’re having trouble, go back to the top of this article.