What are you inclined to do?

Everyone has their own inclinations. What are you naturally drawn to? When you erase responsibility, paying bills, expectations of others, and everything other than your own internal inclinations, where do you lean? Sometimes it’s OK to be irresponsible if you’re following your true curiosities.

What would you do if you knew nobody paid attention?

We do a lot to meet the expectations of parents, spouses, friends, and even people we don’t personally know. What if they didn’t care what you did? What if they would shrug and go back to doing their own thing when you told them about your next big career move? This is not far from the truth. Despite what they say, people don’t really care what you’re doing. They might react a certain way, but after a couple days the reaction is gone and people go back to focusing on their own lives. Focus on yours.

What is worth suffering for?

“Passion” isn’t fun. You inevitably suffer through boredom and difficulty even when you’re doing the thing you’re most passionate about in the world. Do the thing that’s worth suffering for, not the thing that you’ll quite at the first hint of suffering. Do the thing that makes you sit through the hard times because you know it will be worth it in the end.