The idea of wearing a suit to work has always been weird to me. Suits are uncomfortable (especially ties) and they limit my range of motion. If it’s hot out, suits make me sweat more than I need to.

Wearing a suit makes you seem more “presentable”. Suits are commonly known to be more professional and make things more serious. They create a distinct separation between work and  play. If you’re working, dress professionally. If you’re playing, wear gym shorts and look like a bum.

People wear suits to impress people. Wearing a suit is putting your appearance above your comfort. This is clear because suits are uncomfortable but they make you look good. Why is it more acceptable to value your appearance over your comfort than the opposite?

Why would you wear something that is physically limiting while you’re working? Are you afraid of going into a professional meeting in a t-shirt? Why? Will the people you meet look down on you because you wore what’s comfortable for you instead of what’s been arbitrarily decided as the socially acceptable thing? Do you want to work with people who look down on you for that reason? Why is that more socially acceptable?

I understand suits for certain occasions like big events or weddings. That’s more of a traditional atmosphere, it happens only every once in a while, and people want to have nice pictures. It’s a special event.

Going to work every day is a different story. It’s not a special event.

I treat my work like play because I enjoy it, and to do otherwise would be to make it boring. If I cared about the appearance of my work over the content of my work, then I probably would wear a suit. Doing so would reflect my values.

I’m going to put out my best work and act with the most confidence if I’m in the most comfortable state. For me that’s jeans and a t-shirt. I value my own comfort, even when I’m want to impress people. I’ll impress them more by being comfortable in my own skin than if I try to put on a show by wearing an extravagant suit.

Startup culture has trended away from suits. The classic uniform of someone working at a startup consists of jeans and a t-shirt with the company logo on it.

Maybe it’s a generational thing. What do you think?