It’s about a mindset. When you play the game of trading your time for a fixed amount of income, your brain starts to think a certain way. It equates money with time.

If you train yourself to believe that money and time are linearly correlated, it follows that you will spend more time when you want to make more money.

But you have a finite amount of time, so by this logic you only have the potential to make a finite amount of money. The amount of money you can potentially make can be calculated by multiplying the amount of money each hour of your time is worth by the number of hours you work.

At some point, you will run out of time and your only option will be to increase the amount of money you make per unit of time. This doesn’t require asking for a raise.

When you work without being paid, your mind separates money and time. They become completely unrelated. You’re not spending time for money, you’re simply spending time. You get to choose the other variable.

You’ll notice when you spend 10 hours doing nothing useful just like you’ll realize when you create meaningful results in just one hour. Instead of relating money with time, relate money with value.

How useful is each hour of your time?

If you become more efficient and produce more value each hour, you will make more money each hour. There is no limit to the amount of value you can create.