The following is a brief, general overview of the 3 steps that humans go through when evolving into a new mindset:

The first step is awareness. Once you bring your awareness to the problem at hand, then you’ve successfully separated yourself from your problem. You and your problem are two different things, according to your viewpoint.

This creates a detachment that removes emotion from the equation. Now, you can look at the situation objectively and without any bias.

After you logically understand why you’re changing your mindset, the next step is to act on it as if the change has already been made. In doing so, you will feel uncomfortable. You will feel as though you haven’t made any change, and you’re acting against your nature. This is true, because any change will prompt actions that disagree with your previous mindset. This is the root of change.

“Fake it ‘till you make it.” Act as if the change has already been made.

As you act against your previous nature in order to build a new set of patterns, your self-identity will alter. This is the final step to changing your mindset.

By changing your day-to-day actions, you will start to realize that you are no longer the person you used to be. Instead of identifying as someone with your old mindset who is trying out your new mindset, you will begin to identify as the type of person who has your new mindset. This is paramount to lasting change.

Eric Fraser has a good article on this subject.