I’d rather commit to too many things that I’m forced to quit some of them than not commit to enough and spend more of my time thinking and wondering than doing.

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Taking Fault Indicates the Growth Mindset

People who take fault have the growth mindset. If you haven’t read Mindset by Carol Dweck I highly recommend it. I wrote a post about it earlier this year.

The growth mindset is the belief that in any situation you can improve. People with the growth mindset value trying and learning more than status or ending position.

I’ve noticed that people with the growth mindset tend to take fault whenever they can. In disputes, they don’t get defensive to try to prove they are right, they immediately find a fault in themselves because they believe they can fix it.


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How to Know You’re Doing Enough

When you can’t finish everything you need to get done, you’re on the right track.

Always push, always extend, and always stretch. The key to success is constant growth, and growth only happen when you’re pushing your limits. If you have extra time in the day with nothing to do then you’re not growing as much as you could be.


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Big or Small Goals?

Big or Small?

Should you set small goals to make it easier to take manageable steps? You’ll run the risk of aiming too small and getting there.

Or should you set big goals to push yourself farther? You’ll run the risk of missing the mark.

I say do both. First, dream as big as you can. Then, break it into chunks and use it to determine your priority. Understand exactly what amount of effort it will take you to chip away at your goal day by day, week, by week, and month by month. Remind yourself of your priority each day.

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Fear is a Compass

A good friend told me today that if I feel fear, I’m looking in the right direction.

Use fear as a compass. Go towards it, push through it, and blow past it.

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