A few weeks ago I accidentally cut my finger while I was cooking (*picture at bottom of post). The cut was much deeper than I thought and I actually permanently lost feeling in part of my finger.

Our bodies are fragile. People die in traffic collisions every day, lose limbs, and unimaginable things happen when we least expect it. There is a lot that our human bodies aren’t built to survive through. When I felt my finger become numb, I gained a sudden understanding of my own mortality. I felt the sensations in my body, things that have always seemed like a permanent part of my life, disappear. There is nothing I can do to get them back.

Many people have had it much worse than merely losing part of the feeling in their finger, but every time I feel my numbness I think of the fragility of my body.

This serves as a useful reminder for me that my body is not here to stay. Any part of it could be taken away at any moment. I might as well do as much as I can with it while it’s alive, healthy, and fully operational.







That Day:

4 Weeks Later: