Failure happens to everyone, especially people who attempt audacious goals. It is a necessary by-product of attempted success. If you do not attempt to be more successful than you are right now, then you will not fail any more than you do now. Failure and success are one in the same. They go together.

When is the last time you attempted something you weren’t actually sure you’d achieve? When was the last time you announced you were doing something you’d never done before? When was the last time you risked being wrong in public?

To avoid the risk of failure is to avoid the possibility of success. The only way to stretch yourself past what you have already done is to do something you’re not sure you can do. You might fail. You might succeed. Either way, you will end up with a raw story that inspires the people around you to take risks themselves.

If you fail, people will call you a loser. If you succeed, people will call you lucky. They will never be happy with you no matter how your story ends up. You might as well give them something to talk about, because the only alternative is silence and stagnation. Put it all on the line. Find out what you’re really made of.