Today I went on an adventure to take some pictures. My goal was to get a few good portfolio pieces that showcase the quality I’m capable of producing. By the end of the day I wanted to end up with highly professional-looking pictures that will add to my credibility as a media producer. You can tell I’m official because of the watermark.

There’s much more to it than getting good portfolio pieces. If I went to this place and took pictures with that being my sole aim, I would be missing the point. The portfolio doesn’t happen without time spent diving into the art and the craft of photography. When you play around with the camera for hours on end, you realize just how much you can manipulate the settings and capture moments that can never be replicated.

We experience life through fleeting moments. Cameras are tools that allow us to capture those fleeting moments before they disappear forever. Camera lenses are built using our own eyes as a model, so they can be used as an extension of our own perception.

Here are some photos from today:

I went to Botany Bay, a little state park in South Carolina. This beach is casually called “boneyard beach.” It’s fascinating seeing all the dead trees on their sides being slowly washed away. High tide submerges the entire beach, so the attendants were very strict about getting people off the beach before it hit. I was there about 2 hours before high tide.

During high tide, the water spills all the way into these huge fields and turns them into swampy marshes. It’s so humid.

There were millions of these little shells. They were also very strict about people not collecting shells because they want to preserve them on the beach.

There were conch shells too. People stacked and hung them on dead trees and logs.

Botany Bay is a really beautiful place. It’s fun to get lost in the moment playing with a tool that helps me explore, capture, and create.