Nothing’s worse than a fence-sitter. They value other peoples’ feelings over their own principles.

They’re passive. They follow. They complain.

Opinionated people are the ones who carry humanity in a direction. Sometimes it’s the wrong direction. Sometimes it’s the right direction.

These leaders take us to new places. Once we’re there, we can look around and see things from a different angle.

Often, it turns out the leader didn’t take us to exactly the right place we want to be – or we changed our mind about where we want to be.

Fence-sitters reserve the right to complain in this case. After all, they never said they wanted to be there. They never said they wanted to be anywhere. They just said they didn’t want to be here.

The leader is the one who heard them, picked them up, and made a guess to try to solve their problem.

Be opinionated. Choose something. Hurt people’s feelings in the process.