20 days ago, I started a Ketogenic diet. I started it strictly because I wanted to experiment with how my body reacts to food.

It’s been an interesting ride so far. I’ve learned a lot and had some really interesting results.

Click here for a back story and more info on the diet itself.

At first, it was difficult to adjust. It took about 5 days of feeling lethargic and needing daily naps for ketosis to fully kick in.

It took a couple weeks to get comfortable with choosing the right foods. I would avoid eating out in order to craft my own meals and make sure they had the right components.

Now that I’m comfortable with the target foods, it’s easier to accept an invitation to go out with friends. I typically stick to meat and vegetables, and avoid bread and carbs.

At first, I avoided carbs at all costs. Now, I know my limits. I can even have a beer or two without throwing anything off.

Positive Effects of the Diet

I’ve needed less sleep. Typically, I sleep 8-9 hours per night. Since I’ve adjusted to the diet, I need 6-7 most nights.

I’ve been able to stay up till 12-1 and get up at 6-7. It’s easier to pop out of bed, too.

I’ve also had more energy. I feel the urge to work out to release pent up energy, when I have to unwillingly force myself to work out consistently.

There’s a slight increase in mental focus. If you’ve ever taken Adderall, it feels like a very mild version of this. I’m able to sit down and complete tasks without letting distractions take me off-course too often.

It’s a constant exercise in discipline. I still like sugary foods, and desire them often. But to keep these positives listed above, I consciously avoid them.

Negative (or neutral) Effects of the Diet

I am always thirsty and my mouth gets dry. I drink a lot more water. Therefore, I have to go to the bathroom a lot more.

My mouth also often has a metallic taste to it.

Initially I was limited in social environments. I couldn’t go out and get beers with friends, or even go out to eat because most of the food has too many carbs and I didn’t know what to choose.

However, after getting used to the diet this becomes easier.


It doesn’t have to rule your entire life once you’re comfortable with the habits and effects.

I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’ve been traveling a lot which makes it harder to find options on a budget, so a couple days ago I actually decided I was going to quit.

Then, when I had the opportunity to eat, I couldn’t bring myself to eat a non-keto-friendly meal. I want to keep my commitment, plus I’ve really enjoyed the extra focus and energy. I’m gonna ride it out.

10 more days.