I’m writing this post to tell you that you don’t have to write in order to blog. Technology has created so many shortcuts for us – you can literally speak into your phone and turn it into a blog post within minutes.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

I’m currently driving across the country. All this time in the car has made it hard to stop, sit down and spend time to write a blog post. But I still need to write every day. I needed a way to continue writing every day while still spending most of my time in the car. I turned to my smartphone to solve this problem.

I learn through speaking. Talking through ideas helps me connect and develop my thoughts. It makes storytelling easier and allows me to more accurately portray my ideas.

So I whip out my Google Docs app, open up a new document, and click the microphone button on my keyboard. Then I start speaking about what I’m doing or thinking about or what I want to blog about. Everything I say turns to text.

The initial thought dump doesn’t have to be edited so I can say whatever I want and change things later.

Usually, I end up with a long, unedited, unformatted bulk of text. Then, all I have to do is edit. I move some statements around, delete some, and add some so it makes sense.

This makes it a lot easier to start blogging because it’s a much smaller initial time and energy commitment. The editing afterwards can take as little as 5 minutes.

Try it out!