Freedom is more than financial freedom. It’s more than the ability to do remote work and set your own hours.

It’s more than being able to choose who you spend your time with, and it’s more being able to choose any career you want.

In fact, those are merely symptoms of freedom. Freedom starts with your mind. It starts with your thoughts. You can have all the tangible freedom in the world but still be a slave to your own frame of mind.

Freedom is a frame of mind – not a situation.

It is not won or given. It is built. It is earned. It is created.

Freedom is built from within. Once you free yourself from incessant worries, judgement, expectations, other people’s’ opinions, and your own opinions, your situation in reality will become free.

Freedom comes when you realize that everything you do is for yourself, and when you fully embody this perspective in your actions.

When you’re free, you don’t work out because anyone tells you to. You work out because you know going through the process is valuable for you, and so you choose to persist.

When you’re free, you don’t do your homework because your teacher tells you to. You do your homework because you genuinely gain value from it, and so you choose to spend time on it.

When you’re free, you interact with people under the assumption of genuine intent. You act on reality, not expectations.

Chances are you already have the freedom you seek. You just haven’t acted on it.