I’m visiting my old home, Columbus, Ohio this week. I used to hate it here. Part of the reason I was pushing so hard to build my career early was so I could get out of Ohio. It was the place I went to college and I tied a lot of negativity to the geographical location.

Once I left, I realized I will have the same successes, failures, happiness and sadness no matter where I was on the globe. Environment shapes you only as much as you allow it to. Having the right or wrong environment can slightly add to your life or it can slightly subtract from your life. But it will not make or break your life, as long as you don’t let it.

Now that I’m visiting Ohio again, I’m realizing it wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoy the familiarity I have with the city. I notice small things like my deep understanding of the roads and highways and it makes me feel like I’m home. It gives me a sort of confidence as I traverse the city, knowing my way around better than I do most other places.

I’m a big fan of uncertainty and change. Ironically, experiencing a deep familiarity with this city is a very refreshing change for me. It makes me curious about what else I’ve gotten used to and lost appreciation for.