In this interview, Alex (left) talks about how he utilized college as a resource to find better opportunities to supplement his classroom education.

When Alex was 24, he co-headed a division with Young Entrepreneurs Across America, bringing in over $1M revenue in his first year (which is typically unheard of).

He went on to start a real estate company, CC Solutions, that is growing faster than expected. Alex is a fun-loving entrepreneur with a big work ethic, and I learn something every time I talk with him.

During the conversation, my phone beeps at me a couple times from calls. So far I’m 3/3 for some type of audible interruption in these podcasts. I’m thinking about planning it next time and making it a regular thing. It could be like Where’s Waldo, except you have to pick out the sound that wasn’t meant to be there.


Topics we discuss:

Surrounding yourself with the right people

Choosing opportunities based on your comfort zone

Utilizing college as a resource

Starting a real-estate business

Investing in self-education

Pros and cons of having a business partner

The 70/30 rule


Links mentioned:

Asana – Team tasks software


Check out Alex’s Blog, or reach out to him at