14658214_1209489912428018_528104932_nAlex and I go way back. I met him at Ohio State while he was running two entrepreneurial/programming clubs on campus. He started coding in high school, and 8 years later he dropped out of school to work full time at Pillar Technologies, a Columbus tech company, making a nice salary and learning a ton through experience (something most college grads yearn for).

He’s a crazy guy with all sorts of unique perspectives. Alex keeps things interesting. We discuss a lot, listed below, but there was one thing we forgot to cover…

Hack City was an online IOS development course that he and I attempted to start together, but never got off the ground because we had too much focus on building the product and not enough on acquiring customers. We both learned a ton from it. I’ll probably write a post going deeper into this experience at some point.

Also, there is another audio interruption this episode, in addition to the slightly too quiet sound (still learning this whole audio engineering thing). See if you can find it.


Topics we discuss:

Reading a book/week

10 dark years

Building your skill and portfolio

Divergent thinking and how schools kill creativity

Ready, fire, aim approach to figuring out what you’re interested in

Cognitive biases, rewiring your brain

Value first mindset

Being T-shaped

Interview tips

Building habits over time


Links mentioned

Brilliant video by Ken Robinson on How Schools Kill Creativity

Ken Robinson’s book, The Element

Isaac Morehouse and Mitchell Earl, Don’t Do Stuff You Hate


You can reach out to Alex on his website.