Don’t try. You won’t love what you pick.

Search for the thing that pulls the very best part of yourself into action. Not the thing that makes you feel comfortable or confident, the thing that makes you nervous and excited at the same time. Do things that truly challenge you and force you to think hard and act using your best capabilities.

Doing what you love is not about picking a thing you feel passionate about. It’s about setting up your environment in a way that will push you into the uncomfortable situation of doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Your life is a series of decisions. Each time you make a decision, you are deciding not to do something else. Set up your life so that your only two choices are:

  1. Do the hard thing
  2. Quit/do nothing

When you do hard things, you feel alive. You feel tested and challenged. You grow. That’s what life is about and that’s where fulfillment comes from.

When stagnation is your only other option, you’ll find out just how much you really can do.