I had a book launch planned for today but it’s not happening anymore. Here’s why.

I started working for Praxis in November, 2016. As soon as I started, I held myself to a higher standard. I started reading more, writing more, and becoming more intellectually disciplined. Praxis already had a great curriculum that worked well. I learned it quickly and applied it as I helped participants through the placement process.

A few years before that, I dropped out of school and ran a painting business. After a year of entrepreneurship, I felt so filled up with new knowledge and experience that I had to get it all out of my head and onto paper. So I wrote Undecided.

The same thing happened shortly after I started to work for Praxis. I was learning so much about how people can create careers for themselves that I had to get what I’d learned down on paper. So, I did the thing I already knew how: I turned it into a book.

Most of the concepts and strategies I wrote in this second book were created by Isaac Morehouse, Derek Magill, and other members of the founding Praxis team. They wrote awesome blogs and built the Praxis curriculum around them.

When I wrote this second book, I added my own spin to those blog posts and curriculum pieces and put them in the book without letting them know. In doing this, I didn’t clearly give them credit for the core ideas and strategies that were theirs, and the book was presented as if the ideas were originally mine.

For that reason, the book will not be published.

I apologize to Isaac, Derek, and the founding Praxis team for publishing the ideas they created without the proper accreditation. I never intended to present their ideas as my own, but I did that by publishing the book in the way I did.

To everyone who supported me, voted on the cover and title, joined the pre-launch list, and expected a book, I’m sorry. Thank you for sticking by me.

I’ve learned so much through this whole process that my next book will be much better. And there will be a next one.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. scfraser4@gmail.com