“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt has always resonated with me. Every time I talk about people I get a dirty feeling. It makes me feel weak and insignificant. I can’t directly change other people, so when I talk about them I’m spending my mental energy discussing things that are completely out of my control. It makes me feel powerless.

Events are mostly out of my control. It’s necessary sometimes to discuss events and things that have happened because they are concrete expressions of ideas. They are a vehicle for understanding ideas.

When I discuss ideas, I feel empowered. Ideas are at the core of everything. Ideas are what drive people to experience events. Ideas are consistent and can be applied through events and people. I can change my ideas and I can choose how they manifest in reality. That’s a powerful feeling.

People occupy events which are created by ideas. Everything starts with ideas.

Don’t talk about people. It’s not worth your time. Talk about ideas.