When you enter the world of creating original things, you will no doubt experience some loneliness.


You have an idea and you tell everyone about it. It’s exciting and you get tons of positive and critical feedback. Spirits are high and possibilities are endless.


The social hype begins to die down. It’s time to act. You have exhausted all your social inspiration and now you must create your own by earning some progress. You realize you’re the only one who TRULY believes in your idea.


Actually, you don’t even believe in your idea. You try to do stuff but progress is hard to come by when you’re first starting out. People have already heard about your idea and you realize they don’t care even though they seemed excited when you mentioned it. They have moved on to their own lives.


It sinks in that you are completely on your own. Nobody cares whether you succeed or fail. It’s depressing.


Actually, it’s liberating. You take full responsibility for your own success or failure. You embrace the uncertainty and freedom of your situation and decide to put your head down and hustle onward.

It’s a lonely journey, but it’s worth every second.