I was talking to some photographers a few weeks ago about taking pictures of the eclipse. They had some really good advice about what equipment to use, where to put your settings, and how to capture it correctly in the short timeframe.

To do it right, I’d need to buy a lens that costs about $2500. Since I’m not not ready to drop that on a camera lens for one single 2 minute event right now, I decided to just use one of my current lenses. It doesn’t zoom very far and it’s not ideal for that type of photography, but it still takes pictures so I figured I’d make it work.

These other photographers were disappointed to hear me say this, but I was determined to give it a shot.

The tool doesn’t make the craftsman, the craftsman makes the craftsman. I would rather do the best I can with what I have than throw in the towel after discovering that my capabilities would be limited.

I’m happy with the photos.