Usually stress stems from uncertainty. Stress is a biological reaction that is sparked from some sort of external stimulus. When you feel stressed out it’s because the stimulus that caused it is unclear.

The first thing I do when I feel stressed is gain some clarity. I ask myself what is making me stressed and take a few moments to write down an honest answer. When I know the single thing that is causing me stress, one of two things happens.

1. I realize it’s not worth stressing about.

I logically think through the cause and effect of the situation. When I come to the conclusion that my stressed feeling has no logical ground on which to stand, the feeling begins to dissipate.

2. I understand what actions I need to take to remove the stressed feeling.

If I realize that I have a good reason to be stressed, I think through what I need to do to eliminate the feeling. Usually it’s simply doing the hard thing I’ve been putting off.

Clarity cures stress.