The following text is the transcript for the video at the bottom.

Yesterday was Independence day. It’s been a crazy week, to say the least. I trashed a 6-month book project, and I left a job that I actually really liked, all within the span of two days.

Big changes like this happen all the time. We get so focused on our routines that we don’t focus on the big picture and where each chapter fits into our lives as a whole until we step out of it. That is important and helpful because when you are in something, you cannot be focused on the big picture. You need to be focused on that one thing. Once you step out of it, you have a much broader view of where what you just did fits into your life as a whole. You can begin to construct your own narrative looking back.

My life has largely been driven by questions.

The first question I asked myself was why am I here? What actually matters?

Then, I asked myself, how do I decide what to do with my time here?

After that, I wanted to learn how do I build a career without college?

Now, the question on my mind is how do I build a business from scratch? How can I coordinate the voluntary exchange of value between people? How do I go from having nothing there to having a product/service that people want and will pay me for? How do I get people around me to buy into my vision of this thing that does not exist yet?

The truth is, I was never meant to be an employee. I just like to push boundaries and do my own thing too much. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. But you can only learn so much about being an entrepreneur by working in a startup and observing someone else build theirs. The only way to actually learn how to build a business from scratch is to literally try it for yourself.

I feel more independent and free than I ever have before. Independent from the pressure to do anything other than exactly what I want to do. Independent from restrictions on what I can build and what I can create. Independent from anything and everything in my past that might try to hold me back from where I’m going.

I’m free. I’m ready to start something new.