If you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed daily posts starting to slow down. Don’t worry, I’m still putting something out there every day, and I will be until (*at least*) May 24th, 2018… Just not always on here.

Recently I’ve been using a new medium to share my ideas — video, not written words. I’m building a video marketing company now so this is beneficial for multiple reasons.

  1. I get to practice producing videos often.
  2. I get to share my story with you in a more engaging and transparent way.

I firmly believe that the best way to market a business (or a personal brand) is to be transparent and tell your story. The tools we use to communicate (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) make it extremely easy to get attention, so it’s never been easier to get massive exposure with minimal friction.

I learned a lot of this from Brian Cristiano. He has an incredible story and if you’re interested in business or marketing you should follow him.

I can film a YouTube video and put it online in a matter of minutes. The barrier for entry is LOW. You don’t even need a nice camera to capture good quality video because your cell phone can do the job just fine.

It used to take entire production crews and million dollar budgets to produce a video that would get seen by more than friends and family. Now all you need is something to say.

I’ve been doing two types of episodes lately: RealSimon Vlog and Simon Thoughts.

The RealSimon Vlog is a weekly vlog about me starting my business. My goal is to grow it to $1M in revenue and I use this vlog to document my progress towards this goal. I film and edit every episode.

Here’s the first episode:

Simon Thoughts are super short episodes that contain nuggets of advice. These are very loosely structured and I see them as a way to send out my ideas daily while experimenting with different video styles and effects.

Here’s the latest episode:

I’ll still be creating every day. I’ll either produce a Vlog, a Simon Thoughts episode, or a blog post.

I’m excited to share my journey with you.