I used to love staying up late at night writing. I liked that my head was clear of everything I had to do that day. My work was finished, and I had nothing to do but write before going to sleep. It was freeing and allowed for a lot of creativity.

I still do this sometimes, but lately my brain has been dead by the time I’m finished working for the day. When I have nothing else to do but write, all I want to do is sleep. The daily blog post becomes an item to check off of the list rather than a fun indulgence into interesting ideas.

When all I want to do is sleep, it’s hard to commit to investing an hour or more to writing a blog post. I want to get it done quickly so I can go to sleep, but the more I develop my idea, the longer I’ll have to stay up to write it. So I either ignore my urge to sleep and borrow energy from tomorrow, or I write a more surface-level post without much depth or meaning to me.

I don’t like those options. I’m going to start writing during the day more and see what happens when I give myself more time.

There’s something freeing about finishing a blog post first thing in the morning.