Commit First

Commit first, figure out the details later.

I was reminded of this concept when I recently read Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule.

If you wait to figure out the details before you commit to something, you will never commit. The details are never 100% clear. They’re always moving, changing and evolving. Instead of trying to grasp them to come to a full understanding before you feel “safe” to make a commitment, just commit.

When you set yourself up to be required to perform, you’ll either figure out how to perform or you’ll fail. How else are you going to get things done that you’ve never done before? Do it. Commit. Sometimes you fail, deal with it! If you never push yourself into the unknown like this you’ll never find out what you’re really capable of.


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Videos, Marketing, and Blogging Every Day

Videos, Marketing, and Blogging Every Day

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed daily posts starting to slow down. Don’t worry, I’m still putting something out there every day, and I will be until (*at least*) May 24th, 2018… Just not always on here.

Recently I’ve been using a new medium to share my ideas — video, not written words. I’m building a video marketing company now so this is beneficial for multiple reasons.

  1. I get to practice producing videos often.
  2. I get to share my story with you in a more engaging and transparent way.

I firmly believe that the best way to market a business (or a personal brand) is to be transparent and tell your story. The tools we use to communicate (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) make it extremely easy to get attention, so it’s never been easier to get massive exposure with minimal friction.

I learned a lot of this from Brian Cristiano. He has an incredible story and if you’re interested in business or marketing you should follow him.

I can film a YouTube video and put it online in a matter of minutes. The barrier for entry is LOW. You don’t even need a nice camera to capture good quality video because your cell phone can do the job just fine.

It used to take entire production crews and million dollar budgets to produce a video that would get seen by more than friends and family. Now all you need is something to say.

I’ve been doing two types of episodes lately: RealSimon Vlog and Simon Thoughts.

The RealSimon Vlog is a weekly vlog about me starting my business. My goal is to grow it to $1M in revenue and I use this vlog to document my progress towards this goal. I film and edit every episode.

Here’s the first episode:

Simon Thoughts are super short episodes that contain nuggets of advice. These are very loosely structured and I see them as a way to send out my ideas daily while experimenting with different video styles and effects.

Here’s the latest episode:

I’ll still be creating every day. I’ll either produce a Vlog, a Simon Thoughts episode, or a blog post.

I’m excited to share my journey with you.


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Comparing Yourself to Other People

Comparing Yourself to Other People

I’m a chronic comparer.

Every time I see someone with a desirable form or amount of success, I compare myself to them. I’ve been told that this is unhealthy, but I don’t think it has to be.

Success is not finite, which means that seeing someone else’s success should elicit excitement and possibility, not disappointment. It means that you should be genuinely happy to realize that what you seek in the world truly exists. But when I compare myself, especially with people who are much farther along than I am, I get an initial negative gut feeling of urgency.

This is not a bad thing. It would be bad if I suppressed it.

That gut feeling highlights the disparity between you and your goals. This is valuable information! It is good to be aware of where you truly are so you can make steps towards where you want to be. This feeling of urgency can be harnessed and used to help you achieve your goals.

Let that feeling sink in for a few seconds, but move on fast. Understand the reality of the situation, don’t hide from it. It may be true that you’re not where you want to be. Embrace that fact, sit with it, and accept it. Don’t fight it. Then, determine why you feel that way. What does this person have that caught your eye and made you feel that way? How do you create your own version of that? Does that match up with the goals you’ve decided to achieve? Why or why not?

Don’t suppress your feelings. Use them to your advantage.


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Big or Small Goals?

Big or Small?

Should you set small goals to make it easier to take manageable steps? You’ll run the risk of aiming too small and getting there.

Or should you set big goals to push yourself farther? You’ll run the risk of missing the mark.

I say do both. First, dream as big as you can. Then, break it into chunks and use it to determine your priority. Understand exactly what amount of effort it will take you to chip away at your goal day by day, week, by week, and month by month. Remind yourself of your priority each day.

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How do you achieve something great?

You don’t need funding. You don’t need a mentor or the right connections. You don’t need experience, education, talent, or any special skillset. You don’t need a better idea or to know your ‘why’. You don’t need anything more than what you already have.

You need to decide.

Make up your mind, definitively, that you will achieve something great. When you decide – really decide – you’ll notice a shift.

Obstacles turn into opportunities. Existing problems become manageable. People start supporting you. Funding presents itself. Mentors and connections come into your life. You realize you have more skills and experience than you thought you did. Fear becomes an invitation to a juicy challenge.

It’s not magic. It’s just the way you choose to perceive your life. When you decide that you WILL accomplish something, that thing becomes concrete in your mind. There is not an ounce of doubt that it exists. You believe it exists in the same way you believe this blog post exists. Your subconscious and conscious minds orient in the same direction and start pushing towards it.



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Fear is a Compass

A good friend told me today that if I feel fear, I’m looking in the right direction.

Use fear as a compass. Go towards it, push through it, and blow past it.

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