Always Go With Depth

There are two ways to do something:

  1. Dive deep, take your time and do the best possible job.
  2. Get it done as quickly as possible without worrying too much about depth or quality.

Always go with depth. Whether you’re giving somebody a book recommendation, writing a blog post, or doing work for a client, never half-ass anything. If you’re going to half-ass something, don’t do it at all. You should either be 100% in or 100% out. There is no middle ground.


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Radical Decisiveness

My life has been thrown in all sorts of directions over the past few months. Instead of sitting and letting things happen to me, I have this philosophy that I live by called radical decisiveness. Essentially it says that it’s better to make a decision and be wrong than it is to not make a decision at all.

My first book, Undecided, was a huge influence in this life philosophy. It was written during the time I discovered that most of my life I hadn’t really made decisions at all. I went to high school because my family put me there. I went to college because everyone else did. I majored in engineering because teachers told me I’d be good at it. The first “radical” decision I ever made was to drop out of school. It was the first big decision I really made that defined who I was.

Rather than go about my life drifting along, waiting for the right decision to present itself to me through the words and opinions of other people, I finally acted decisively. I chose.

My own personal integrity started to grow with each “radical” decision I made thereafter. I learned that I can create happiness and success in my life by implementing radical decisiveness. It’s really not that radical though. It’s simply choosing to choose.


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Your Personal Brand vs. Your Business Brand

Your Personal Brand vs. Your Business Brand

In this one-minute video, Brian Cristiano talks about finding the intersection between your personal brand and your business brand.

I’ve built up a specific personal brand on this site. I’ve blogged a lot about education, career development, entrepreneurship, photography, and much more. I have crafted messages and documented my way of thinking publicly for you and everyone else who reads this blog to see. The people who like the way I think continue to read my writings while the people who don’t

I’ve struggled with creating a video/marketing company brand because it initially feels totally separate from the brand I already have. What does video/marketing have to do with education and career development? What I preach to my customers seems different from what I preach to young entrepreneurs.

Brian makes the point in his video that there is no difference between your personal brand and your business brand.

As you build a company, you attract employees, customers, and fans who believe in your story and your vision. People who believe in the same things will buy into your vision. People who strive to think similarly will follow you. People who don’t won’t.

Your business brand and the way you operate with customers is a result of the way you, as a person, think and operate. Your motivation for getting up in the morning, your core beliefs about life, and your personal values are the very things that influence how your business works. There is no distinction. They are both the same.

Companies are expressions of core beliefs, so a marketing company that ONLY talks about marketing is severely limiting its reach. That company should talk about why they do business, why they get up in the morning, what they believe at their core, and how they believe they can change the world past marketing.

Don’t limit yourself to crafting a message only for customers who might want to buy your product. Craft your message for human beings in every capacity. Spread ideas and core beliefs, not just strategies.


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The Creativity Economy

Creativity is the #1 determiner of long term success in today’s economy.

You can have the biggest infastructure, tons of capital, or access to huge amounts of data, but if you can’t come up with original solutions to problems, you will eventually run out of advantages.

It is not the things you do that determines your success, but the way you do them.

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